Comptia Salary Expectations

I know this is a bit late but I wanted to input some information that might help people. This page is a top result for Google search queries such as “Comptia Security Plus Jobs”.

Having any certification does not guarantee that you will get paid more for doing the same job. Having a certification may give you the edge in landing a job against an equally qualified candidate that is lacking a certification. You should know that the ability to land a job lies almost entirely in the interview – your ability to sell yourself as a competent IT professional. A certification will only assist you in two things – getting your resume past a screener, and to serve as a talking point during your interview. If you aren’t properly selling the certification during the interview, you have wasted your precious time and money obtaining it.

All of that being said, the stated figures for how much people make with certifications are grossly misleading. They do not factor in length of time with the certification, length of time in the field, other qualifications the individual may possess and a number of other variables.

For a person just starting out in IT, or looking to move to a new field or land a new position or promotion within their company, these figures are not baseline figures. Most people start off in IT as a computer repair technician, help desk technician or junior network technician. Making a transition to a position that requires experience in areas outside of your realm of duties, such as security, server administration or database administration is difficult. I was and am in that rock and a hard place situation. I had an A cert, which landed me my current position as a field services technician making k. I recently obtained my Net and Security certs through my degree program. I can tell you, those certs are not going to make or break me in an interview. What WILL make the difference is me highlighting them and using them and skills I have obtained through work to rise to the next challenge. How you talk yourself through your interview is what determines the value of your certifications. Some people think they can obtain mass certs and never have to worry about finding work. I can tell you, that money would be better spent in speech classes and dozens of hours practicing interviewing in front of a mirror.


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